Boomworks is a design practice built around rapid invention.

We work with you to create the most engaging experiences for your customers.

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So what’s our story?

Boomworks was formed as a user-centred design practice over sixteen years ago, pioneering a customer focused design approach to delivering digital solutions to many of Australia’s largest companies.

As an agile organisation, Boomworks deliver smarter solutions by maintaining a forward-looking view of how people and businesses are currently using technology to meet their constantly evolving needs, and how those same needs are influencing advancements in technology.

The expertise we bring to our projects is a function of talented, senior staff with specialist skills developed across a global background. Our goal is to design solutions and experiences that remove clutter and enable action through highly usable interfaces, so your customers can just get things done – when, where and how they want to.

We call this Experience Intelligence.

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Some of our experiments escaped from the lab…

Boomworks are constantly pushing ourselves. We believe there is no finish line. As technology evolves, so does our ability to interact with products, services and organisations in new and exciting ways.

Whether it’s immersive virtual experiences, AI powered interfaces or simply a new design strategy, we understand the importance of exploring possibilities and validating our thinking. Sometime this means testing on ourselves first! This is a critical part of our workflow and allows us to pass on these learnings to help your organisation remain relevant.


When you have a team of gamers, coders, musicians, sculptors, cycling nuts, problem solvers, rule breakers and everything in between, exciting things are bound to happen.

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UX Research

We assist organisations to uncover business opportunities and customer behaviours to inform strategic decisions.

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Our services:

  • Attitudinal
  • Behavioural
  • Conceptual
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We start with “Why”.
You should too.

If you capture the importance of a customer’s needs and wants and in doing so uncover ways to deliver that, it’s easy to then knockout under-performing ideas and services and begin creating solutions that work.

By analysing a business’s targeted segments, Boomworks’ experienced facilitators plan an approach with attitudinal driven activities such as focus groups, participatory design sessions, interviews, guerrilla tests and lab studies. A high level of qualitative information is gathered and can be further bolstered with quantitative research via surveys and testing.

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Personas are one thing.
People are the real thing.

Sometimes, what people say and what they do can contradict each other. Where attitudinal research uncovers what people think, behavioural research captures the actions of use, which allows us to identify the systems, services and interfaces that meet needs and those that can be improved.

Boomworks’ approach to behavioural research covers a range of activities including scripted testing and observing users’ natural interactions with products and services. Our team are skilled practitioners of lab based, remote and on-site usability testing. Combined with skills in A/B testing, benchmarking and both moderated and unmoderated user studies, Boomworks rapidly identifies the areas ripe for improvement.

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Back Conceptual

Don’t let your next big idea stop at post-it notes.

As businesses strive to solve problems, create innovative products or invest in the development of an idea, the need to balance internal bias, constraints while also considering the end users’ role in any solution is critical.

Boomworks are the ideal partner for developing robust frameworks for the future utilising collaborative programs of work built around design thinking workshops, co-design sessions, prototyping and various forms of testing with customers. Artefacts produced in these projects are often used as roadmaps for teams to develop the supporting platform for business plans and proposals and material documenting an “end state vision” for a product, service or even the entire organisation.

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UX & UI Design & Delivery

We provide a wide digital skill-set to support your team or project from initial UX research and design, through creative concepts, testing and iteration to developed solution.

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Our services:

  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Digital Product Design
Back User Experience

Do you need genuine experience in your UX?

When Boomworks opened their doors over 15 years ago, our clients didn’t really know what a wireframe was, and they certainly weren’t that interested in usability testing.

Many of the design principles we pioneered in Australia are now common language and practices today. Our process of high levels of customer contact, detailed research and iterative design can create or improve any existing customer touch point.

Whether it’s defining the digital strategy at the broadest level, or delivering benchmark testing of an existing interface, Boomworks are able to deliver expertise as an agency partner or specialised skills to compliment your existing teams.

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Back User Interface

Creativity is knowing how to colour outside the lines…

Being able to creatively execute an experience is as important as being able to conceive it.

While we are constantly seeking to explore the future of potential interaction systems and behaviours, understanding how to utilise present technologies to inform the design process is equally important to us at Boomworks.

Our designers and developers work closely to ensure any interface that is conceived can be delivered to meet the desired experience. This may take the form of rapid prototyping for demonstration or usability testing purposes, or full-scale interface design and development programs.

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Back Digital Product Design

If we all just did what is possible, would any of this even be possible?

Our lean canvas inspired rapid invention process is filled with new ideas & proof of concept prototypes.

The full range of Boomworks services can be deployed to explore and create digital products to varying degrees of fidelity. With little more than a business need or customer barrier, the Boomworks design process can guide your organisation through to a delivered digital product.

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We are very experienced

From our base in Sydney we are currently working with clients across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada.

Recent clients:

  • NSW Dept. of Education
  • Foozam
  • BT Financial

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Boomworks maintain long term relationships with national organisations with highly visible brands across various segments, as well as state and federal government departments.


  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Fair Trading NSW
  • Sydney Water
  • Family & Community Services
  • NSW Department of Education
  • Create NSW


  • Zurich
  • Westpac
  • BT
  • IAG
  • EY
  • Woolworths Money

Arts & Entertainment

  • Australian Museum
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Foxtel
  • Fox Sports
  • Samsung Adappt
  • Telstra