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New horizons need new approaches

The Boomworks Total Experience approach redefines your agency partnership. Our customer-centric mindset elevates organisational performance through identifying what long term success is and outlines the actions to achieve it.

Strategy. Target state. Horizon.

Future Program

Navigating the ever-changing business landscape can be challenging. At Boomworks, we provide the guidance you need to stay ahead. Instead of offering generic solutions, we delve into your organisation's unique strengths and industry-specific trends. By uncovering hidden market opportunities that align perfectly with your capabilities, we craft a tailored, customer-focused strategy.

The result is the Boomworks Future Program: a bespoke plan designed to maximise your potential and drive sustainable growth.

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Enhanced Delivery Program

Enhanced Delivery Program

Boomworks' Enhanced Delivery Program connects Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) initiatives to strategic outcomes. Our program seamlessly integrates CX strategy and UX components across your organisation, ensuring your projects align perfectly with cross-business integrations. This results in a cohesive and exceptional user experience throughout the entire organisation.

The Enhanced Delivery Program explores opportunities and strategic spaces through ideation, concept development, validation, and detailed solution design. With a strong focus on user engagement and validation at every step, this program delivers a unified roadmap for the future that can start delivering results today.

Strategic Innovation

The Boomworks Strategic Innovation approach is based around future horizons. We foster innovation that generates valuable outcomes by aligning with organisational goals that focus on the future.

Utilising combined elements of our Digital Experience Innovation and CX2030 Catalyst Projects, we identify gaps in the current digital experience landscape and articulate unified experience concepts to guide strategic innovation initiatives. This includes developing Future Service Opportunities and evaluating ideas based on their desirability and marketability to pinpoint the most promising options for implementation.

Capability Uplift

Our capability-building initiative for digital innovation and product strategy teams is designed to drive continuous improvement through the integration of our EDP methodology. This introduces new ways of working with an engaged and structured employee experience approach.

Boomworks Capability Uplift aims to build institutional capabilities within existing teams. To stay competitive, organisations need to develop these capabilities by effectively combining people, processes, and technology to consistently surpass market offerings. Our goal is to transform your digital delivery approach from a 'set and forget' model to a 'holistic, future-focused' solution service.

Catalyst Projects

We understand that strategy is just part of your story. Configured to address specific challenges and deliver impactful solutions, Boomworks Catalyst Projects are designed to put your plans into action today. Our quick-start Catalyst Projects enable seamless transformation across customer, digital, and employee experiences.

Leveraging the strategic insights of the Boomworks Future Program and collaborating closely with your team, we build essential capabilities to align and equip your entire organisation for future success.

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Customer Experience Vision

Customer Experience Vision

CX2030 is our approach to developing your Customer Experience Vision. It embodies your organisation's commitment to aligning customer and digital experiences with future audience expectations across all levels. It establishes a collaborative framework for departments and business units to support diverse audience segments effectively. Understanding the evolving behaviours and needs of these segments is pivotal in shaping robust digital strategies. This initiative aims to develop a distinctive Customer Experience (CX) proposition that not only provides valuable insights but also offers a forward-looking approach to engaging your organisation's audience.

As part of this Catalyst Project, we will define a clear and compelling CX proposition that guides an understanding and engagement strategy for your audience. We will explore future horizons to uncover emerging CX opportunities and scenarios, as well as adjacent possibilities. These are combined to  inform the shaping of your "Next" Roadmap for 2030 or beyond. This continuous process ensures that your digital initiatives remain dynamic and responsive to evolving audience expectations and industry trends.

Deep Dive Discovery

Going beyond a standard ‘discovery’ line item, a Boomworks Deep Dive Discovery Catalyst Project is the basis for defining cutting-edge and impactful digital solutions.

Starting with Boomworks’ Immersions, we delve into your organisation’s potential through thought-provoking and engaging sessions with your project team, stakeholders, and audience. We combine these findings with SME interviews and both quantitative and qualitative customer-centric research. This process provides a clear understanding of your digital position, uncovers opportunities and delivers insights into your audience's desired experience.

Leveraging knowledge gained from Immersions we conduct an Expert Review of the global digital landscape, including competitors and adjacent comparators. This combination of various perspectives enables us to detail a comprehensive and up-to-date set of valuable insights as features, functionality, and content for defining a new digital experience.

Digital Experience Innovation

Boomworks enhance organisation's digital solutions through our "Digital Experience Innovation" (DXI) process. DXI is deployed as a structured Catalyst Project to define future-state experiences in collaboration with stakeholders, business units, and your customers. It goes beyond the "Horizon 1" roadmap of tactical solutions, utilising a specialised Future State Ideation and Validation process to deliver clear direction for all digital initiatives.

Our goal is to generate innovative ideas, refine solutions, and enhance a project's target state with cutting-edge concepts. We co-create a unique Concept Portfolio through structured Ideation Sessions, developing Future Service Opportunities and exploring targeted UX Concepts delivered as a visually captivating Future State Vision.

User Experience Research

Boomworks employ a Customer-Centred approach in customer and user-centred research to gather insights and validate digital experiences, ensuring they seamlessly meet user needs. The UXR Catalyst Project, enshrines the ethos of "Know Your Audience" within your organisation to ensure all teams gain a deeper understanding of their audience and reference them in all activities. This initiative focuses on uncovering valuable insights about your audiences and customers, validating decisions throughout project delivery. 

Combined with other Catalyst Projects, a UXR stream can integrate across projects to identify potential opportunities for further exploration, Deep Dive into research topics and validate solution options for delivery.

Experience Delivery

With decades of expertise, a customer-centric design philosophy and innovative thinking, Boomworks deliver experience-based solutions beyond the ordinary.

Digital Experience Design + Build

Digital Experience

Our customer-centric delivery method prioritises consumerised solutions, aligning the end product with the user needs and market expectations. We ensure your digital solutions meet modern market demands.

Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience

Develop a comprehensive organisation-wide understanding of audience expectations for 2030, providing a distinct and compelling Customer Experience proposition for engaging with your current and future audiences.

Employee Experience Capability Uplift

Employee Experience

An immersive learning environment for team members fostering a unified employee experience. Your team is aligned with broader delivery principles including human-centred design and digital experience innovation.

Boomworks Ventures

Sometimes Shaping the Future means exploring new problem spaces and opportunities inspired by our love of digital and the potential it can deliver.

Utilising our own Future Program, Boomworks Ventures provides a framework for us to deploy the vast skills and experience within our own organisation to innovate and release new experiences.

If your organisation is looking for a strategic digital partner to direct your product vision or if you are looking to bring an innovation framework into your way of working - Boomworks Ventures is the answer.

Activate your innovative side.

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We’re shaping a new team paradigm in project delivery that drives success across every initiative.

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